Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Weekend at Kampong

I cant believe i have sooooooooo many lil cousins. Heaps of them. Me and kids.... Hmmmm....... I shall start liking kids. Well i do, only non-speaking, non-crying, non-running-around lil kids. Errrrr....

I was like a grandma, telling off the kids:
"Hey kids! Dont run in the kitchen!"
"Hey! Stop fighting"
"Sit properly!"
"Eat with your right hand and dont spill ur food on the floor!"
Im old. Ageing old lady. A spinster.

It was nice to see all the aunties and uncles. Last time i was back in Alor Star was in January last year, for PakSu's wedding. Now we met again, and he already has his 3 months old Amirrul :) And not so much of a surprise, everyone has the same question for me.

Favourite question of everyone: When r u getting married?
Favourite answer of mine: I dont want to ever get married.

Like hello, if i knew when im getting married, with who, il be distributing my cards already, and trust me, the whole world will know. My private life is public, remember. Im not hating them for the query, its totally understandable. Iv been working for 2 years and financially stable. Thinking about it theres always FAQ's at any stage of life.

@uni: When r u going to finish?
@work: When r u getting married?
@1styear marriage: When r u getting a baby?
@1stbaby: When the 2nd one coming?

So be it. If i can answer u, i will. Otherwise, u'l get one of those annoying answer of mine ;)

Overall, the trip was pleasant. Mak tok is cute as ever. Food was awesome. Mama's dalcha is the bestest of the bestestest. Be with the sisters was good. Husna and her stupid jokes, Aishah with her HARRR jokes.

Photos to come. Its 4.58pm. Roger and out. Chow!

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