Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blessing in Disguise

Went to Melaka on Sunday with Aainaa, sending off her lil brother to UniKL Melaka. Had awesome ikan bakar and sotong bakar at Pengkalan Balak. Everything was lalallalala until we get to the going-home part. Stuck in massive traffic jam on the highway. 7 km in 40 minutes. And u know wat would normally happen when you stuck in traffic? Your bladder will suddenly started to function. We were in desperate need for toilet. R&R was only 5 km away, and that equals 30 mins. Damn. Finally got home after 3 and half hours, for 120km journey. Great. And the sore throat begins...

Went to office monday morning sounding like Awie, thinking the rock star in me would go away once i started talking. Wrong. I sounded like Steve Tyler after half an hour. I shall be a rock star.

Down with human flu. Got 2 days-off from the lovely Dr. Abdul Munaff Gafoor from SP Specialist Clinic, Damansara Utama. *Highly recommended*

Slept the whole afternoon on Monday, after super drowsy dosage from the doctor. Woke up thinking im going jogging, hoping the sweat would reduce the sore throat and flu. Wrong. It was already 7.30pm when i woke up. *Sila lupakan niat murni mu itu, cik wan nadiah* Instead, went for dinner at Papa Rich with Anne. Had a super healthy kuey teow soup and tofu. Yummmmmm...

Back in office today. Last name of first client i talked to today: Ciccocioppo. Wats with all these funny-named people?

Back to work. Chow.

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