Monday, August 31, 2009

Crack the Code

i ssim uoy

yrev hcum

U think you're smart?

Selamat Hari Jadi Malaysia!

Kau ingat Malek Noor je boleh buat pose macam ni?

Remote control heater kat rumah aku pon boleh buat macam tu ok?

So jangan show off ok!

Eh lupe plak. Selamat Hari Jadi Malaysia! May all your wish come true and may u live happily ever after.

Pecah kaca pecah gelas,
Sudah baca harap balas.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Expecting the Unexpected

There are instances where I felt invisible. Totally. Not to be known by those wandering around me. Then i realised im not.

  • Hisham tegur me on facebook. Not knowing he ever knew me.
  • Pang Ming said hi to me. A manager who never looks anyone in the eyes. No smile either.
  • Strangers came up to me and said "Hi Nadiah".

And to most surprise, I cooked Nasi Lemak and Kuih Badak Berendam today (takde kaitan la bodoh!). Thanks.

Ye, badak badak ini memang sedang berendam. Tapi ini bukan badak berendam yang saye maksudkan.

Taraaa..! Inilah dia! Mungkin lebih tepat kalau namanya ialah bebola berendam.

Oh, lagi satu kejutan. Sila bersedia






















Sexy.Hippo pakai tudung labuh.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Alms is International Currency

"Alms is International Currency" I like how its said.

Check out 15 short films from local movie makers here.

Watched Yasmin Ahmad's "Chocolate", its way beyond normal human thinking. Whether im thinking too much to complicate an artless 3 mins film, or im just too dumb to understand the simplest 3 mins film ever.

Whatever it is, Adibah Noor sentiasa dihatiku:

Enjoy. Cheers :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Needs vs Wants

I have a solid reason for not going crazy over shopping. I have a skill that only few people have. Being able to differentiate needs and wants. Its a skill to be developed, that does not comes naturally. An expertise that grows with maturity. A knowledge to judge. A survival skill.

I might have gone overboard with applying the talent though. Too proficient i can't distinguish these two anymore. Just the other way around. Where a lot of people are unable convince themselves their needs are indeed their wants, im totally on the other end of the horizon. I am at the level where i would consider a necessity as a desire.

Basically, I NEED A NEW PHONE.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feeling Incomplete..

..without the nasal spray. Major sinus attack again. Damn. Hidung tersumbat kaw2 punye. Kalau pakai pam pon belum tentu boleh "uncloggged the pipe".

Put up status on Facebook, on how i can't use nasal spray in Ramadhan cos it is one of perkara yang membatalkan puasa.

"Salah satu perkara yang membatalkan puasa itu ialah memasukkan sesuatu benda dengan sengaja ke dalam rongga melalui lubang yang terbuka." - (hafal mase sekolah rendah. Kalau tak caye check la sendiri.)

Diana replied. Diane Allias - "FYI, if for medication purpose...x membatalkan je dgr ceramah agama pasal ni pagi tadi.". Im seeing lights. But not as bright. I need second, third opinion. And supporting evidence/knowledge/thoughts too.

Checked on Brunei State Mufti Office - It basically says kalau masukkan darah, masukkan air ke dalam badan dan menyengangkan, maka batal puasa. Contact lenses, ubat titik mata, tak membatalkan puasa jika tak masuk kerongkong. (sounds rite, tapi tak specify nasal spray. Urgh!)

Keep on checking.. Read this article on trusted site. Trusted source. There stated that it can be concluded that these items will not nullify fasting:

  1. Alat-alat (barangan) tersebut digunakan menyalurkan ubat - tujuan perubatan
  2. Ia tidak bertujuan memasukkan makanan.
  3. Alat-alat tersebut tidak sampai ke perut.
  4. Ubatan seperti ubat titisan mata atau telinga walaupun sampai keperut, ia tidak melalui rongga yang biasa.
This includes usage of contact lenses, eye drops, ear doprs, and NOSE DROPS. (They specify nasal spray!!)

Im feeling alive. More than ever. I can see lights! White and bright! Hip hip hooray~!


"When humans move from a cool or temperate environment to a hot, dry desert environment or vice versa, they should spend up to seven days acclimatizing to the change in their environment. This lets the body make internal adjustments to compensate for the change in environmental conditions (homeostasis). If people do not acclimatize, then the person is at higher risk of heat related injuries (heat stroke, heat cramp, pneumonia)." - Source from

The question is: It took me a while to adjust to Malaysian weather when i first got back to KL. But i did. And why on earth am i still not going through this "acclimatization" process here in this cold Aussie winter?! Mind you, its not even THAT cold! And it has been 11 days (I'm lame i know. I count the days. Shit). I need mobile heater. So i can carry it in my purse. Like those mobile-kipas that looks like vibrator (couldn't u think of something else, Nadiah?!).

Im cold.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If I Cant Be a Poet, I'll Be the Poem :)

Jacket Merah Saye. Merah kan? Kan? Kan? Kan? Hehehehhe.

Hisyam: Sakit mata i.
Daeng: Cili pon ade hitam2 nye. Ni merah melampau ni.
Ucop: Hi Makngah.
Nisha: I love it~! So you! Its hot babeh! (Love u nisha!)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Beautiful Life Lessons

Ramadhan the second. Potluck buka puasa at Fatin's.

I decided to make some spring rolls. Vegetarian Popiah :) Normally i'll have carrot and sweet turnip (sengkuang la!). No sengkuang in IGA. Went for cabbage and mushroom instead. Takde persamaan langsung i know. Hehehehhe.

A: U buat isi popiah pakai ape?
N: Carrot, cabbage, ngan mushroom.
A: Inilah dia bile orang putih nak buat popiah
N: Hmmm...

Anna offers a hand with aktiviti melipat popiah. Here comes my first lesson of the day. Shape & size of popiah directly correlated to the size of the person who makes it. Popiah Anna ialah kurus dan panjang. Popiah saye ialah gemuk dan pendek. Mungkin saye patut melipat popiah menjadi bentuk kurus dan panjang supaya saya pon menjadi seperti Anna.

**Bayangkan popiah itu seperti Anna**


Nadia went to IGA in Broadway, having to finally bought the Mee.

N2: I dah beli mee tadi.
N: Tak nampak pon. U letak kat mane?
N2: I tinggal dalam kereta je.
N: Adakah kereta itu bersamaan dgn peti sejuk? Sila la keluarkan dan letak dlm fridge.
N2: Takyah. Mee tu yang dalam plastik yang angin sedut-sedut tu.
N: Vacuum pack u mean? (-_-")

Another lesson for today.


Mari sambung buat kerja~! Chow babeh.

Friday, August 21, 2009


There are 2 types of accountants in this world. Good Accountant and Bad Accountant. Me? Latter. These two types of accountants are generally the opposites. They complement each other. One's compass is always pointing North and vice versa. Why i think im the latter? Because...

  • Good accountants will typically have less than $100.00 of variance when reconciling accounts. Base on the concept of materiality, this can normally be offset against some random expenses or drawings account. Bad accountants on the other hand will have possible $40,000 out of balance amount.

  • Good accountants knows what they talk about. Bad ones never understands what the good accountants were saying.

  • When posting journals, good accountants will never confuse a 6 or a 9. Neither will they confuse an 8 or a 0. Bad ones will always be and yet always feel smart.

  • Again, good accountants can differentiate $7289 from $7829. Bad accountants - are they different?

  • Good accountants knows how to prepare Fringe Benefit Tax Returns. Bad ones only knows how to cut their own fringe.

  • Good accountants able to prepare Individual Tax Returns in split seconds. Bad accountants loves banana split.

  • There's only two colours in accounting firm - black & white. No room for grey areas. Bad ones' middle name is Rainbow.

  • Good accountants finds CPA relatively easy. Certified Practising Accountants gets paid more afterall. For bad accountants, CPA is nothing but Complete Pain in the Ass.
Did i mentioned these two complements each other? Simple. Bad ones made mistakes (a lot!) and the good ones picking up the shit and thinking "What a dumb she is. Only smart people like me can do the job". And at the end of the day, it will be submitted under bad accountants's name. Hehe :p

So, should i start looking for new job? Zoo keeper? Cashier@KFC? Chocolate taster? or HOUSEWIFE?

Im seeing Red.. Red.. Red..

Late night shopping was fun fun fun. Bought new shirt, new shoes, and new jacket. Weeeeeeeeeee~! (Lepas tu lupa tujuan utama. Duplicate the keys, nadiah! The keys!!) For once, pattern of shopping was different. I was comtemplating - Red or Light Beige? Red is just sooooo me. Light beige on the other hands makes me look so angelic. Decent and nice. Very. Please.

Normal shopping pattern will be as follows:

  1. See
  2. Touch
  3. Try
  4. Pay
But last nite, it was more of:

  1. See
  2. Touch
  3. Try
  4. Try another one
  5. Try the first one again
  6. Try the second one again
  7. Try the first one again
  8. Asked abang botak
  9. Abang botak said buy the beige one (im not surprised)
  10. Not pay
  11. Go to shop 2
  12. Go to shop 3
  13. Found another red jacket
  14. Touch
  15. Try
  16. Not pay
  17. Go to shop 4
  18. Go to shop 3 again
  19. Try on red jacket again
  20. Pay

    But guess wat. Being indecisive makes me feel normal. I look and behave just like everyone else in all of the shops. So, if i were to define normal, i'll say being at par with the majority. And one of the criteria being "Hesitant". And yes, the par could change, as the majority moves. Just like the one you see in Bell Curve in Statistics 101 ;)

    Photos of new jacket, new shirt, new shoes to come. Later we have vain self-photoshoot ogeh, Nad?

    Chow babeh :)

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    Hey Big Spender...~!

    Lets do some retail therapy baby! Going shopping tonite. I repeat, im going shopping tonite. Woot woot~!
    • Papa - Another shirt maybe?

    • Mama - Not tonite. Il get Coco Chanel Mademoiselle from Duty Free Shop.

    • Abang long si gemok - Perfume. Thinking Kenneth Cole.

    • Aisyah d princess - Macam tak perlu je. Mungkin handbag. Watever.

    • Husna d prettiest sister ever - Bathers (kalau ade la). Takpon nanti aku belikan baju renang muslimah.

    • Baby Mumu Runchun - Wallet :) Baby kan dah besar, kene ade wallet bergaya nak mengorat gadis2 kelantan.

    • New Housemates (Nana, Nana2, Ros, Anne) - Body butter

    • Always & Forever Housemates (Hani, Akmar, Min) - I'l look for some cute and practical stuff.

    • Godsons (Ayden & Raief) - More and more shoes *self apointed godmother*

    • Abang Botak - Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol"

    Everyone else, sila terima hadiah berikut:

    Il buy 20 of this for myself. To whoever created this shit, HAIL THE KING!

    p/s: Baru makan 4 dalam mase 4 hari (-_-") One chocolate bar a day keeps the doctor away. Eh, salah ke?

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    R u hungry?

    Im thinking of beefballs ;)

    Subway Freak

    Back in 2004. Imagine me and Liyana wearing low-rise bootcut jeans and t-shirts that hangs on the same level as the pants. I was possibly 100kg and she may be 65kg (shes only 5' tall btw). Listening to Kevin Little's "Turn Me On" and Jamelia's "Superstar". 18 year olds yang sangat selekeh (dah la gemuk, selekeh lagi). Pity ourselves.

    Went to Karawara Shopping Centre for lunch after class at uni (it was pathetic back then). Decided to have Subway. Abang Subway was as cute as ever.

    AS: Good afternoon girls. Which bread?
    L: Honey oats
    N: French herbs
    AS: One-foot-long or six-inches?
    L: Six-foot please.
    N: Of course.

    Please. Stop causing all these damages to your reputation.

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    Eating Less

    Sunday night, after dinner, lepak2 at home with Nadia.

    N: Oh shit, esok i nak lunch ape? Dekat office mane ade cafe or restaurant.
    N2: Abis slalu u lunch camne?
    N: I bawak sandwich, ni roti ape pon takde.
    N2: Dekat2 ofis u ade ape je?
    N: Zoo.
    N2: Hmmm.

    Jom makan Kangaroo!


    Last night, at Salwa's

    N: Jom pegi makan kat Broadway. Feels like lamb kebab.
    A: Takyah, Intan dah beli Fish & Chips
    N: Yes!!!!!!!!!!
    N2: Yesss!!!!
    N: Nad, bukan u tgh diet ke?

    Back at home.

    N2: I makan chips je tadi. Lapar la. Jom makan.
    N: Jom aje.
    N2: Takpe la, malas la. Nak makan ice cream je la.
    N: **Terbayang Nad makan sebatang ice cream. Takpe la, setakat satu ice cream.**
    N2: Nad, u nak? **Sambil menghulurkan ice cream Blue Ribbon perisa Chocolate Overload dalam 1 litre tub**
    N: Damn....

    And yes, we call each other Nad.

    Monday, August 17, 2009

    A/S/L plis

    Wat on earth were u thinking dude? Seriously. Acara berkenalan zaman IRC ke? Hi, A/S/L plis. Konon2 main bagi salam je, takde message body ala mysterious la eh? Eh? Eh? Hey, name kau ialah Rohman Borne ok. Dan kau tak hensem. Kelihatan macam tak kaye juge. Ok bye.

    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    Because of you..

    ..i wore runners on the plane. Shit. Hodoh giler pliss. Imagine budak gemuk wearing yellow t-shirt, grey skinny jeans, and RUNNING SHOES. Fashion police! Please arrest this girl!

    p/s: Its so cold Downunder :(

    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    2 Hot Girls and a Coffee Place

    Eh lupe plak kat Ros. Hahahahhaha.

    N: Nanti aku ade anak aku nak suruh dia kawan ngan anak ko, aimee.
    A: Aah, anak kite kawan pastu kite suruh anak2 kita buli anak ros.
    R: **Memandang kami dengan pandangan hina**

    Britney, Beyonce, SexyHippo

    Semalam gelak tak berenti. Aku teringat ko menari lagu Britney pakai baju Zorro, ros. HAHAHHA

    2 Hot Chickas. Single and available. Mau? Sila email kan borang permohonan ke Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita. Surat menyurat tidak akan dilayan.

    Was given teka teki yang terhebat by Abang Jay. Ye, Abang Jay ialah ayah Aimee. Haha.

    A: Ade satu dusun yang besar ni. Sume buah ade. Semuaaaa tau! Kecuali 2 buah. Cuba teka buah ape yang tak ade.
    N: *Berotak kuning* Aku dah tau! Mesti buah dada. Kan? Kan? Kan?!
    R: Buah kepala! *ape ko ni ros?*
    A: Salah. Jawapan nye ialah Buah Cempedak. Pasal buah cempedak di luar pagar. Dan Pisang Emas. Kerana pisang emas dibawa belayar.
    N: *Gelak macam syaitan*

    Aimee adalah younger, female version of Abang Jay. Damn.

    Saye suke!

    Im pathetic i know. Its just Happy Birtday song. But i love it. Suke! Suke! Suke! Terima kasih :)

    p/s: Saye tahu awak tak mandi, tak tukar baju, terus main gitar lepas sampai rumah from KB kan? Hehehe.

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009


    I was in F10. You were in F12.
    I despised you. You despised me too.
    I told you I hate you. You told me you hate me too.

    I love you. You love me too.
    We are so gay.

    Ape masalah ko hah? Takde ke gambar ko yg tak bangang hah?

    Sekarang ko faham tak the true meaning of "Beauty"?

    Love u babe. Miss Aimee Shazana Shahir. Kem salam Abang Jay ok. Hahaha.

    Chow =)

    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Don't Blame Me

    Saye mintak awak tunjuk gambar awak ade rambut tapi awak tanak tunjuk kan? Maka saye kena guna imaginasi saya.

    I like your glasses. Retro la. Owh, patut la, its the 70's. Hehehe.

    Herbal Essenses? Atau perapi tanpa bilas Sunsilk?

    Kalau awak grad high school mase tahun saye lahir, macam ni la rupe awak eh?

    Awak macam Nick Carter la. Backstreet back alright!!

    K nak mandi. Chow. *sambil membayang kan Abang Botak nyanyi lagu As Long As You Love Me*

    Sunday, August 9, 2009

    Awak Hepi Tak?

    Saye hepi :)

    Went out with Abang Botak at noon. Went lunch all the way at Pantai Sri Tujuh, near Pengkalan Kubur (romantik juge awak ye?). We ate belut kanak-kanak (ye, belut tu kecik, macam belum akil baligh). Then went strolling along the beach (drama je lebih ni, takde la strolling pon, jalan 2 minit je, panas gilers kot).

    Went back home, picked up baby brother (adik lelaki kesayangan), and went bowling at KB Mall. Bowling lane was pretty much like jalan balik kampong Lundang dulu. Belubang2 dan penuh liku2 kehidupan. The bowling ball looks very similar to the full moon. Banyak kawah2 dan kolam2 kering. Watever. Main bukan terer pon. Hehehehe.

    This is the best part. Went home to refresh and change. Abang Botak ajak duduk in front of him. He played guitar and sang me Happy Birthday. Saye suke, saye suke, saye suke. Comel. Comel. Comel. :) :) :) ♥ ♥ ♥

    Birthday dinner at Four Seasons. With Mama, Abah, Baby, and Abang Botak. Mama gave me gold earing. Saye suke, saye suke, saye suke. Best. Best. Best. Dan saye rase saye dah obese. Hehe.

    Abah, SexyHippo and Mama

    Abang Botak, SexyHippo and Baby Mumu

    SexyHippo and Abang Botak with new Arnold Palmer shirt

    Im gonna be 23 years of age in 10 mins. 2 years more and il officially be a spinster. Hehe :p

    Elephant Glue

    Saye tak tau kenape, tapi setiap kali saye pakai gam gajah, mesti akan lekat2 kat jari pastu takleh tanggal. Sekarang, jari berkedut sebab berusahah menanggalkan gam dari jari. You're the best, SexyHippo!

    Pertama kali discover gam gajah ialah semasa darjah 4. Buke penutup gam dan tekan. Gam keluar dan berkata kepada diri sendiri *Eh, gam ape cair macam ni. Gam kuat konon. Nak tipu la tu* Kemudian melihat ibu jari dan jari telunjuk telah terlekat dan tidak boleh ditanggalkan *Oh, gam ini tak menipu rupanya*

    Friday, August 7, 2009

    Resepi Rahsia

    In Kelatam. Gained 1.5 kg in 18 hours. Tahniah. Ok, forget bour the scale.

    Went to KB Mall with Abang Botak. Buying stuff for his sister's wedding. Spent half an hour choosing which dragonfruit looks nice on hantaran (watever). And apples, oranges, and kiwi too. Then shoot off to Secret Recipe (SR) to buy cake (for hantaran too). We ended up with American Brownies. Chocolate Moist is out of stock and Chocolate Indulgence will melt in 2 hours.

    Kakak SR asked what to be written on the brownies. Kakak Abang Botak said just put on "Selamat Pengantin Baru" no name mentioned since the brother-in-law-to-be shared the same name with Abang Botak. Hehehe. Kakak SR berpura2 creative dan melukis bunga2 hodoh yang kelihatan seperti bunga kertas on the brownies, then comes the joke of the day.

    N: Kakak, bunga ni edible ke?
    SR: Huh? Tak.
    N: Oh, tak edible eh?
    SR: Tak.. Tapi bunga ni boleh makan la.
    N: Rite.

    Abang Botak gelak tak cover. Bodoh. Hey, kakak, next time kalau tak tau, cakap tak tau boleh tak? Suke kan nak menunjukkan kekurang-pandaian awak kan?

    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Damn Biotronics!

    Damn Biotronics. Played that game since 8.30 am this morning. Had an hour lunch break (pegi amek baju raya from tailor), and as soon as i my butt landed on the office chair, im back on Biotronics. Went to Musalla at 4.25pm for Zuhur (again, damn u Biotronics!). Wudhu as usual and pray. Then the story begins..

    ..Solat tak khusyu' pasal tengok akak2 kat surau yg probly solat Zuhur since 3pm tadi. They prayed and tidor kat surau pasal nak tunggu Asar. They slept in telekung sembahyang, atas sejadah, menghadap kiblat, and the best part, TIDO MENGIRING sumpah tak hengat dunia sampai mulut dah nganga kow2 punya. Pastu bila masuk Asar, tros bangun tak cuci muka dan solat.

    Im no Islamic expert. Tapi ilmu ade la sedikit di dada. From what i remember, tidur tu boleh membatalkan wudhu'. Tak batal kalau baring dengan keadaan punggung yg tetap (means tak boleh tidor mengiring) dan kalau tertidor sekejap (bukan la tidor siap mimpi makan yong tau foo, popia basah, apam balik, dan tau foo fah). Balik office, main biotronics lagi (again, damn Biotronics!). After 10 mins, went on Google. Checked few websites, just wanting to confirm if my thought is indeed correct. Checked a few, triple confirmed my thought is rectified. So yes, tidur - kecuali apabila dalam keadaan duduk dan tidak berubah kedudukannya adalah satu perkara yang membatalkan wudhu'. Even mazhab Hambali says the same thing. Im feeling smarter already. Syabas inspektor sahab, syabas.

    So, should i yell it out in Musalla?



    Warning: Please do not watch this if you are anti-racism.


    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Winter in Office

    Office is 16 degrees cold with full blast air cond blowing on my face. I bet if i didnt have my tudung on, my hair will be like Simba. Put it down to 20, slow it down, and turn off the swing mode. Then Boon Boon messaged me on OC. Why didnt he just ask me? He sits next to me. Adakah saya wanita yang menakutkan?

    Monday, August 3, 2009


    Was reading "2 dead, 11 hurt in shooting at gay club in Israel" on CNN Online. There was a photo attached to the news. The caption being "A man injured in the shooting at the club in Tel Aviv receives treatment".

    And i wonder... Why hasnt the caption be "A gay injured in the shooting at the club in Tel Aviv receives treatment". Sounds correct. Tepat dan padat.

    I know, its my 3rd entry for today. Hey, saye takde kerja, suke hati la!


    Teman Aainaa to Malacca 2 weekends ago. It was near senja, so nothing in photos showes the wonderfullness of Malacca :p No photos of ikan bakar either. Had fun playing with prime lense, I ♥ Bokeh ;)

    Playing Bokeh

    Aainaa doing some serious talk.

    With bokeh bulat2. At 50mm f1.7

    With bokeh segi enam. At 50mmf2.0

    Exiting at Nilai :p

    Clearing up the air

    More room and more air without you. Love it.