Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Subway Freak

Back in 2004. Imagine me and Liyana wearing low-rise bootcut jeans and t-shirts that hangs on the same level as the pants. I was possibly 100kg and she may be 65kg (shes only 5' tall btw). Listening to Kevin Little's "Turn Me On" and Jamelia's "Superstar". 18 year olds yang sangat selekeh (dah la gemuk, selekeh lagi). Pity ourselves.

Went to Karawara Shopping Centre for lunch after class at uni (it was pathetic back then). Decided to have Subway. Abang Subway was as cute as ever.

AS: Good afternoon girls. Which bread?
L: Honey oats
N: French herbs
AS: One-foot-long or six-inches?
L: Six-foot please.
N: Of course.

Please. Stop causing all these damages to your reputation.

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