Friday, August 21, 2009

Im seeing Red.. Red.. Red..

Late night shopping was fun fun fun. Bought new shirt, new shoes, and new jacket. Weeeeeeeeeee~! (Lepas tu lupa tujuan utama. Duplicate the keys, nadiah! The keys!!) For once, pattern of shopping was different. I was comtemplating - Red or Light Beige? Red is just sooooo me. Light beige on the other hands makes me look so angelic. Decent and nice. Very. Please.

Normal shopping pattern will be as follows:

  1. See
  2. Touch
  3. Try
  4. Pay
But last nite, it was more of:

  1. See
  2. Touch
  3. Try
  4. Try another one
  5. Try the first one again
  6. Try the second one again
  7. Try the first one again
  8. Asked abang botak
  9. Abang botak said buy the beige one (im not surprised)
  10. Not pay
  11. Go to shop 2
  12. Go to shop 3
  13. Found another red jacket
  14. Touch
  15. Try
  16. Not pay
  17. Go to shop 4
  18. Go to shop 3 again
  19. Try on red jacket again
  20. Pay

    But guess wat. Being indecisive makes me feel normal. I look and behave just like everyone else in all of the shops. So, if i were to define normal, i'll say being at par with the majority. And one of the criteria being "Hesitant". And yes, the par could change, as the majority moves. Just like the one you see in Bell Curve in Statistics 101 ;)

    Photos of new jacket, new shirt, new shoes to come. Later we have vain self-photoshoot ogeh, Nad?

    Chow babeh :)


    1. xnak la bgaya dgn u. nanti u pakai kasut i (pdhal kasut sama :P)

    2. Nanti u yang pakai kasut i. Hehehe. (Again, padahal kasut sama ;p)