Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ada Apa Dengan Niat

I have seen a lot of good deeds being questioned over Niat. And I just don't get it. Ada apa dengan Niat? 

This businessman donated 50k to orphanage and charity so he gets coverage in the news. Wouldn't the kids and needy be better off with the funding? Wouldn't more dreams to be fulfilled with that extra money? Wouldn't they put on smiles over their new clothes and shoes? So, I ask you again, ada apa dengan Niat? 

This lady started donning the hijab and covering her aurah on her boyfriend's request. Right things, when done even with a rather wrong intention, will eventually be good. One fine day. It will follow. Taking a wrong flight home doesn't mean you won't ever get home; just a lil detour here and there, longer route perhaps, but you will eventually arrive. So, ada apa dengan Niat? 

I, personally would rather focus on the opposite. Wrong things done with the supposed good intention. You go figure this one out. 

I am not questioning how all things need to be done Lillahitaala. I just hope people should just give a break and let others do good; regardless of their intention . Because believe it or not, someone somewhere somewhat do benefit from their deeds - again, regardless of the Niat.