Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kukis Resepi

Im not a big fan of cooking... Just thinking where's the best place to save recipes. Put it up on the blog would be handy :D For whatever reason, the recipe doesnt come in english :p

(make 112 cookies)
- 2 cawan mentega
- 4 cawan tepung
- 2 sudu kecil baking soda
- 2 cawan gula
- 2 cawan gula merah
- 5 cawan oat - kisar dlm blender
- 1 sudu garam
- 4 biji telur
- 2 sudu kecil baking powder
- 2 sudu kecil esen vanila
- Chocolate chips - optional
- Cadbury bar - optional
- 3 cawan "chopped nuts" - optional

Gaul mentega, gula dan gula merah.

Tambah telur dgn esen vanila.Gaul2 dulu lepas tu tambah dgn tepung, oat, garam, baking powder & baking soda.

Tambah chocolate chips dgn ape2 jenis kacang kalau nak letak.

Bentuk bulat kecil, jgn lama2 sgt nnt choc chips cair jadi tak cantik.

Letak atas tray - letak jauh2 skit pasal biskut tu akan jadi leper masa baking.

Bakar 10 minit - 375degree celcius

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bithday Wishes Pt2

I couldn't write more when I did the initial "Birthday Wishes" post. So here's more. Elaboration from the initial pointless post :p

Technology's awesome. I cant imagine my life without facebook. I cant imagine myself applying for jobs, sending hundreds of copies of resume on snail mail. I cant imagine being so far away, not able to contact my loved ones. I cant imagine watching TV with 3 channels on, full of crappy dramas.

Oh well.. Maybe I can, but I refused to.

The world is getting smaller almost entirely a good thing. But hmmmm.... I think it gets meaningless over time.
Back in my school-ing days, we were still on film camera. Every shot counts since there's only 12, 24 or 36 shots available on one roll of films. To have it printed takes 3-4 days. It was kinda an exciting event to see the final product. 36 photos was all we had. But they all matters. Now, we have digital camera of which has a minimum capacity to store 1,000 photos; 36 shots only last u one pose at one place on one angle. So which of those 1,000 matters to u? Maybe less than 200 of them after flicking thru all of them for a million times. Hmmmmm....

Before mobile phones gets so mobile as it is right now, people were a lot more punctual. A meet up was as simple as fixing a date, time and venue, and turning up on the day. There's no mobile phone to tell the other person that we're going to be late. There's no room for delay. I think I stopped being punctual after awhile, because as much as I tried to be late, I will still be early. It gets annoying. I guess its easier to just follow the "technology" flow. Punctuality decrease as technology advancement increase. Shouldn't it suppose to be the other way around?

Do you remember the time pre-friendster-and-facebook era? Do you remember those biodata book and those fancy organizers you have? U have ur friends name and addresses, phone number, birth date all on that thing. Owh and favorite food, drinks and color. Anyway... That time u would send cards for ur friends birthday. Its not an easy thing, so you would only send it to those that matters. A close friend. A real friend. A meaningful wish. So to actually get a card, is a thing. To have a friend remember ur birthday is enough of an appreciation.

When sms era starts, I was already annoyed. 30 text messages in one day with similar template messages. It was too easy. It wasn't as meaningful anymore. Well.. It gets worst today. 100 messages posted on ur wall in one day... because ur birth date is clearly posted on ur wall. I experimented people's reliance on friendster/facebook. Mentioned this in the previous post. Its proven. Even my roommate didn't remember my birth date. I remember Hudra and Shasha messaging me saying "I thought u were born in August, why does it say July 7th?". Thanks girls, I appreciate those :)

Its a bonus to have a program to remind us when's important dates are. I'm not really saying those wishes on ur profile wall do not matter. Just that I think, it would be better off be remembered for being part of someone else's life. To have ur day planted in someone's memory matters more. To hear a person's voice feels more "human" than to read a writing on a virtual space. At least for me...


Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Try this..

Change your birthdate in facebook to a random date.

It works easier if u change it to an upcoming date (say, next week).

When "the day" comes, see how may people wish u birthday.

Surpriseeee~!! Yeah.. No one remembers your birthdate.

Well theres some, ur parents (hopefully), ur siblings (maybe), some really close friends (theres maybe here still :p )

Its fun tho. Hehehe.

How do i know?

Cos I did this.HAHAHHAHA

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Man Vs. Food

Watching Mas Vs. Food on travel channel.

Damn u Adam Richman.

Those sandwich looks awesome.

4 ounces of meat.

2 tomatoes.

Handfull of lettuce.

Handfull of carrots.

Where do i find such thing in Malaysia?

I want subway.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Im Not Singing..

...for you because you said 2000 people sang for you oredi today.


Ur 21, so?

Ok bye!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pwincess is Seventeen

Baby Huhus is oredi seventeen.


Tahun depan dah jadi budak kolej *sambil buat muka "saye budak kolej" by athirah*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

25 years ago..

Si gemuk berbulu mata palsu ni telah dilahirkan.

Hepi bedday abang gemuk!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pickup Line

Ur d sweetest thing baby~!

Nak ajak aku kuar pon kena pakai pickup line kan.

Cupezz kan beliau??

Oh Em Gee.

Aku rindu kau~!!

Cantik kan beliau ketika beliau berusia 16 tahun?

Beliau juga pernah mengeluarkan statement "Patut la mase tu takde sape nak kawan ngan aku. Camni rupa aku ye. Nasib baik Nana sanggup kutip aku." HAHAHAHAHHAHAH

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Working Like A Machine?

Have a break.

Have Kit Kat.

This ad never fails to make me laugh. Everytime.

Yeh! Yeh! Yeh!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding Dress

Just the colors.

To make sure everything matches.

At one glance they do.

Another glance and they're not anymore.



My Reception

His Reception

Warna2 tak ikhlas. I know.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hi. Saye Gemuk.

Tergamak sungguh abah pakai gambar ni untuk buat tag pergi umrah hari tu. Malu I. Ok tipu. Tak malu pong. HAHAHAHHAHA.

FYI, BMI was 40.0 at the time this photo was taken. Morbidly obese. Damn.

I was at 100 percent increased risk of premature death from all causes, compared to individuals with a healthy weight.

Sila gelak sampai nangis.

Tapi sekarang tidak lagi~!

BMI ialah 27.3.

Another 5 kilos off to healthy weight range.

Way to go Kakak Cantik!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Menyampah!

Kenape kau comel sangat hah???


Kenape ade lori berasap kat spaca bar? Kenape ade diamond, cherry dan pokok kat keypad?