Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kestabilan emosi yang kurang

Its a perfect day. How could i ask for a better day.

- Clients chasing me
- Everyone else is on sick leave. So its just me
- PMS kicks in!
- My back is killing me
- My head is killing me too
- My pc crashes on me BUGGER! Twice! DOUBLE DANG!
- I had non-english speaking client complaining on my accent!
- Burnt my finger when cooking for buka puasa.

Overall, its just PERFECT! LOVELY! I can feel the candies and lollies rain around me, and rainbows everywhere!

p/s: And i did not woke up a champ :(

Monday, June 29, 2009


Perkataan di atas ialah nama kumpulan Treasure Hunt saye. Ye, benar, kami memang berlagak. Kumpulan BERLAGAK yg menang MYOB Treasure Hunt. Woooohooooooo~~!!!!

Hani- anda adalah navigator yang paling awesome. Timekeeper yang terbaik.
Minn- skill anagram anda adalah yang teragung! Wooot wooot~!

Wajah-wajah Pemenang.

Calling for support. Hehehehhe..

Kumpulan Berlagak always in the finish line first. Oh well..

Before the great start of jumping in train with the consent of my captain without any other group in the train. GREAT.

Photo credit: Hani.

And for no surprise, up to this point, we still brag bout this.

H: Kite ni mmg pandai la.
M: I rase kite mmg pandai giler la.
N: Kenape kite pandai sgt eh?


Friday, June 26, 2009

Someone's gonna be an Old Fart tomoro :p

Smoking is Bad for Health

Hey beefball! Happy 26th! Sila grow rambut awak ok!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Common Sense

N: Hi, this is Nadia from MYOB. May i know who's on the line?
G: Hi, this is Gopala Gatiganti
N: Sorry, can u repeat that?
G: Gopala Gatiganti
N: Apologize, but can u say that again?
G: GOPALA GATIGANTI!! Do u have hearing issue or wat??!!

Hey, im not at fault for your long funny name! I wouldnt be asking for your name again and again if its James or Andrew or Ali or Abu! DUMBASS!

Im just bored..

I dont write.
I cant write.
Then whats with this blog?
Im just bored.