Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"When humans move from a cool or temperate environment to a hot, dry desert environment or vice versa, they should spend up to seven days acclimatizing to the change in their environment. This lets the body make internal adjustments to compensate for the change in environmental conditions (homeostasis). If people do not acclimatize, then the person is at higher risk of heat related injuries (heat stroke, heat cramp, pneumonia)." - Source from

The question is: It took me a while to adjust to Malaysian weather when i first got back to KL. But i did. And why on earth am i still not going through this "acclimatization" process here in this cold Aussie winter?! Mind you, its not even THAT cold! And it has been 11 days (I'm lame i know. I count the days. Shit). I need mobile heater. So i can carry it in my purse. Like those mobile-kipas that looks like vibrator (couldn't u think of something else, Nadiah?!).

Im cold.


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