Friday, August 21, 2009


There are 2 types of accountants in this world. Good Accountant and Bad Accountant. Me? Latter. These two types of accountants are generally the opposites. They complement each other. One's compass is always pointing North and vice versa. Why i think im the latter? Because...

  • Good accountants will typically have less than $100.00 of variance when reconciling accounts. Base on the concept of materiality, this can normally be offset against some random expenses or drawings account. Bad accountants on the other hand will have possible $40,000 out of balance amount.

  • Good accountants knows what they talk about. Bad ones never understands what the good accountants were saying.

  • When posting journals, good accountants will never confuse a 6 or a 9. Neither will they confuse an 8 or a 0. Bad ones will always be and yet always feel smart.

  • Again, good accountants can differentiate $7289 from $7829. Bad accountants - are they different?

  • Good accountants knows how to prepare Fringe Benefit Tax Returns. Bad ones only knows how to cut their own fringe.

  • Good accountants able to prepare Individual Tax Returns in split seconds. Bad accountants loves banana split.

  • There's only two colours in accounting firm - black & white. No room for grey areas. Bad ones' middle name is Rainbow.

  • Good accountants finds CPA relatively easy. Certified Practising Accountants gets paid more afterall. For bad accountants, CPA is nothing but Complete Pain in the Ass.
Did i mentioned these two complements each other? Simple. Bad ones made mistakes (a lot!) and the good ones picking up the shit and thinking "What a dumb she is. Only smart people like me can do the job". And at the end of the day, it will be submitted under bad accountants's name. Hehe :p

So, should i start looking for new job? Zoo keeper? Cashier@KFC? Chocolate taster? or HOUSEWIFE?

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