Friday, July 10, 2009

Eyelids refuse to stay at the top

Akmar wrote a contract for herself:
Jog twice a week
Swim twice a week
No rice till end of July
No ice cream

Sounds simple?

We went Sri Thai in PJ last nite NZ division team dinner. She had a mountain of rice in her plate, and to my surprise, she finished it! On our way back, stop by Shell, and she bought ice cream!

The housemates - SexyHippo, Hani, Minn, Akmar


Had a talk with Encik Botak last nite. I knew he was in front of the pc, but he refused to book our tickets to Kota Bharu. PEMALAS! MENGADE! MENYAMPAH! Banyak sangat ke tenaga awak nak pakai nak book tiket tu hah?! Dah la hari2 main facebook kat ofis! MENYAMPAH!

Lompatan feminine Encik Botak


Going Kuantan tonight for 3 Gigih Reunion. Giler gigih, semangat btol. Kate ketua kelas kan. Heheheheh. Mama having some drama bout me going alone. Mama, someone else is driving, im just gonna sleep the whole way. Thanks Encik Driver Bas!

Princess, Hilmee, The Queen. And u question me having gedik pose?


4 hours more to weekend. You go girl! Hiyarghhhhhhhhhhh! Bye :)

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