Monday, July 6, 2009

Selamat Hari Jadi Amerika!

July 4th 2009
Wedding overload. Saz's on the afternoon, and Hanna's at night.

Wedding no.1: It was merely a reunion gathering rather than wedding celebration at Sazli's wedding reception. Cant remember when was the last we all gather together, cant recall when was the last time we had so many Perth peeps to be in one event. Scary part: Everyone is getting bigger.

They havent uploaded the rest. Here's one i can see in Facebook :p

Wedding no.2: I went alone. As usual, expecting to see other Perth peeps at the wedding. At my surprise, no other Perth peeps was there. Just me. Sitting at the table sorang2. Damn. Lucky i chose the correct table. The 2 other girls there was super friendly. I made new friends! Shaela and Nadira :D And food was amazing! 4 thumbs up!

FYI, they're twins. Im closer to Hudra, than i am to Hanna :) But we were all in the same Auditing class back in uni. Congrats babe!!

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