Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Like duhh...

I think some people are born with the brain outside the skull. In the knee, where the cartilage lies, or in the ass where all the fats are. Hence all the not-so-smart questions and statements.
  • "Hello. U kat office kan? Tgh buat ape tu?" Mesti la tgh main kejar2 kat ofis ni, ape soalan awak ni?
  • "Hello. Ko dah tido ke?" Aah, aku tgh mimpi cakap telefon dgn kau
  • "Kalau aku tanye ko marah tak?" Aku mmg suke orang tanye soalan2 yg buat aku marah. Seronok rasenye
  • "Nak pegi bowling? Buat ape?" Haven't i tell u before we can catch some fish at the bowling place and jigging some squid from the bowling lanes?
  • "Wahhhh, 10 tahun lepas aunty tgk Nadiah ni kecik je, sekarang dah besar" Wow! Really? Wat a useful information! I never knew that from toddler to teenage to adult, we will all be in different size. Btw, Benjamin Button goes to same school as me.
  • Do u want to be rich and successful?" Nope. I thought u knew i like being poor and unsuccessful.
And some people are just blessed with functional brain that will only shoot out smart questions and statements
  • "Kenape ko pandai sangat eh?" I just am.
  • "U look super gorgeous" I know!
  • "U r even more attractive when ur successful" Thanks.

I do not tolerate stupid people (-_-)

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