Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mari Kawen? Part Two

I love weddings so much I need a continuation for Mari Kawen.

Lets start with all those hantaran. Really, why bother? A handbag with-some-flowers-decorations-on-some-silver-dulang-with-some-ugly-laces-and-ribbons-given-on-the-wedding-day are no different to a handbag I bought off the shelves in KLCC probably the week after, rite? It will serves the same function, as much as will it look identical. So why bother?

Same goes to shoes, watch, make-up sets, cakes, etc. I still don't understand the simbolic of having all these. Say if I want to give a rm50,000 Chopard watch to encik suami, really, why can't I just buy one off the retailer and give it to him? On our wedding day, but when the ceremony's over, in the room off the closed door. Kenape kena tunjuk kat semua orang what I bought for him? Apekah faedahnye?

Sama macam duit hantaran. Kalau nak kasi RM1juta sekalipun; helo encik, pernah dengar Maybank2u? Or normal cheque would do. Why do I need to show the whole world?

Once, when I said I wouldn't need to use my brother's dulang hantaran for my wedding coz I will not have any; Mama told me "Ingat ni wedding koboi ke tanak hantaran?" As for me, on my defence, I'm telling you I'm trying to be more civilised than those cowboys out there that throws pointless ceremony; and gain nothing.

Ok fine, let's put it this way. Those girls, their dreams eversince they started thinking; is to be a princess one day. To look like a drag queen super-pretty and extravagant, to wear beautiful dress, and be the centre-of-attention. This is their satisfaction, their ultimate goal. Lets not talk bout the guys. I don't care what they think. I'm talking bout me. And me, my ultimate goal is to travel to Africa and work in New York different. I never want to look like princess. But I do want to get married and have a family. Just without the princess part.

I hate how people perceived the duit hantaran as the bride's value. I heard someone said before "Hey, takkan nak mintak rm5,000 je, ko tu graduate, at least rm10,000" or "Kau takleh cakap ko tanak duit hantaran, nanti org tu ingat ko ni dah takde value". Fuck the value, people. What, kau pakai Net Present Value for capital budgeting that measures the excess or shortfall of cash flow ke untuk value aku? So here's the deal. If you really think you should give me what I'm worth, I'm going to be nice and ask for the least. Nak the whole Island of Mauritius please. Owh, and Gua Niah too. Boleh kasi ke? So this is the ultimate reason kenape aku tak mintak hantaran. Either those or nothing at all. Simple.

There's a lot more. I'll put up Part Three when I get the mood to write.

Thats it for now.

Princess Nadiah. 

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