Sunday, November 29, 2009


So I was watching The Biggest Loser Asia, audition round.

10 out of 10 auditioners (please pretend this word exists) teared their eyes up to get in.


I don't get it.

If you're fat, get teased and stared at, fuck it. Tease them back and stare back. And yell out "FUCK YOU SKINNY ASSHOLE!" Whats the big fuss? And eye for an eye. Pfffffft.

I still don't get it.

Why fat people normally have low self-esteem? Wat makes you think oversized creature has the only tease-able traits? People make fun of Lollipops too. Oh, those are the creatures that have Bust:Waist:Hips ratio of 1:1:1. And Baldie too. And Blackie too. And Whity too. And Amputee too. And Hairy too. U name it, fat-ass. People ragged people. All of them.

Make me understand. Please.

Ur fat. Like hell fat. Like morbidly obese. Ur humongous. U have 70% body fat. U felt shitly ugly, extremely unattractive, and awfully awful. And u wanna lose weight. Thinking u'll be prettier and attractive and full of awesomeness. Hey if ur ugly, ur ugly. Bottom line. Changing ur body size doesn't change ur beauty. Even if u think it does, get ur fat ass on ur damn car and drive to Fitness First, get that damn  gym membership and start working out, asshole! Stop whining and winging! And please, I don't believe it when u said u'v tried working out and not losing weight. Bull shit.

And I still don't understand.

Maybe I won't. Coz I'm SEXY HIPPO. Also known as KAKAK CANTEK.

Thanks. Bye.


  1. i laughed reading this.. kau mmg penuh perasaan.i could literally read it and have ur voice as a background.
    anyway, watch it..coz 2nd episodes onwards, i did the makeup for sarimah ;)

  2. im skinny and i got teased too! and i think getting teased for kegemukan is overrated. dan kekurusan pula tiada siape kisah.