Friday, November 6, 2009

Bedside Story

Besides the *lava lamp, my favourite bedside items are those photo frames :) Nothing fancy, just good old memories.

Man, this photo is ancient. Mas and asma were still around. Back in 2004 i think. Photo frame was farewell gift from Dee. Well, really it was her going back to Msia for good, and she bought gifts for everyone. Sweet. And aneh too :p

This one is quite recent. Taken on my graduation ceremony on Valentine's Day 2008. The frame was again a gift. Doorgift for all the graduates that day. See the name engraved at the bottom part of the photo frame? It spells "Curtin Alumni" :)

Gedik pose from Wan sekeluarga. All the girls; SexyHippo, MamaHippo, Husna Pretty, and Princess Aishah. This was taken back in December 2007, during raya haji in Alor Star. And yes, this photo frame too was a gift from Aisyah, for my 21st birthday :D 

There's another 3 photo frames. And why aren't they here on this blog? Because I look aweful in those. Heheheheheh.

Ok mau pegi airport sekarang~!

Penang here i come~!!!!

*Later I'll post a story on the lava lamp :p 

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