Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mari Kawen?

“Pernikahan itu hanyalah pintu kepada perkahwinan.” as quoted by Minn, while having dinner at Wendy's last night.

Minn got engaged last 2 weeks, and due to tie the knot by the first week of March next year. So yeah, we were talking about weddings and stuffs.

So back to the quote; pernikahan itu hanyalah pintu kepada perkahwinan. Kenape pintu nak grand, besar gabak, lip-lap segala, kalau rumah tu sendiri belum furnished pon, blom plan nak buat macam mana pon. Meaning there's so much ahead rather than the wedding ceremony itself. Agreed. Totally agreed.

Owh, before I even start going on this, I need to make it clear, I have nothing against marriage establishment, neither do I have anything against family institution. Really. Just the ceremony.

So, as known, most of people out there adopted this policy of “Kawen kan sekali je, once in a lifetime, biar la d'bomb”. As for me, “Kawen tu kan komitmen setiap hari, kenape yang satu hari tu yang kena tabur sume duit aku supaya aku nampak macam drag queen?” Rather than spending RM30,000 on a grand wedding, I'd rather spend it over monthly holidays once I'm married.

Yes, I admit, when I went crazy over saving my money and investments and all, I did said “Nak kumpul duit pasal nak kawen”. But hey, don't get my wrong. I didn't mean targetting RM50,000 in 2 years so I could get a super nice garden wedding or wearing Vera Wang or Tiffany's ring or even Patchi door gifts. Its more off, I need money so once I'm married, I can live comfortably, without being financially dependent on my other half. Kalau tibe2 laki aku kena buang keje, sape nak bayar loan rumah, bayar kereta, bayar bil letrik segala? Nak makan ubi kayu curik kat umah sebelah ke? Ngan tadah air hujan?

I cherish culture still. Adat dijunjung, as said, kan? But religion superseded culture. I'd stand on being a good Muslim a lot more than I would being a good Malay. And I still wonder why Malaysia banned yoga but not those merenjis thing in traditional Malay weddings? I'm no Islam expert but I know both stood on the same platform.

Why do I need to send fancy invitations cards and expensive door gifts when the guests are just gonna throw them away? Why do I need to send Hantaran and all when I can always give gifts to my husband anytime I want? Why do I need to make my wedding memorable to others when I gain nothing from it being unforgettable? What am I proving? Who am I competing with? Apologize, this is not my competition, not my expertise. You can run in your field, I'll run in mine. You won your race, I won mine. Fair and square.

Working your ass off for that one day, spending all your saving on that one moment, putting your efforts to make it your day. If this is how you define celebration of love, I shall respect you by all means. I'm just sharing my thoughts of MY WAY of celebrating love. I believe in simplicity, practicality, and necessity.

Why can't people just get married dan membuat cinta? Why the hassle? Defeats the purpose of marriage institution of simplifying the complexity and lending hands to each other. Blom pape dah bersusah-payah camne? This is like “Bersusah dahulu, bersusah kemudian”. The trouble hasn't even suppose to surface yet.

I stood by my words. Being different doesn't make me wrong.

Probably this is why I'm not married yet (=.=”)

Regardless of these, one thing I still hold onto is an excellent way to immortalize the day, mummified the memories – good photos that is. I swear I'm gonna spend a bomb on the-best- photographer-in-town on my wedding day (If I got married la. Macam takkan je. Damn la.)

Oh, I want dahi licin macam Siti Nurhaliza. Muke tibe2 ade jerawat plak. (Hey, suke hati aku la nak cakap pasal jerawat tibe2. Blog aku ke blog kau?)

Ok. Bye.


  1. Adoi Nadiah.. yeah it's your blog. So suke ati u lah nak cakap pasal jerawat kan (hahahaha I was laughing like a dubuk okay. sungguh kurang aja entry kali ini-- hilang ayu aku weeyyyyy)

  2. zomg! this is so the accountant in you talking!! hehehe...

    but baybeh...i sooooo agree! i rather it be intimate...a smaller scale of closest family and friends...orang2 kampung boleh suruh their wives masak kat rumah, makan diam2!

    i also don't get yang those sampai sanggup take out personal loans to fund their extravagant weddings...

    ppl need to have their priorities straight!

    ok.tiba2 nak emo.damn.

  3. Aqmaal: Dubuk tu ape?
    Shasha: Haha, sabar2. Jgn emo. Hhahahahha.

  4. ade jugak org berpikiran same dgn aku.