Thursday, October 8, 2009

To-Do-List Week #2

2nd week of employment to-do-list

Saturday 10/10:
Wenny's Wedding (with Sarah)
Kak Inaz's Openhouse

Sunday 11/10
Tim's Openhouse (with Akmar)
Nik's Openhouse (with Aimee)

Monday 12/10
Lunch/Dinner @ Syazana's
Go gym – get gym timetable
Pay credit card & Ros
Go office, pick up redundancy letter, copy documents on PC etc.

Tuesday 13/10
Meet up Ina – Insurance Policy & Unit Trust (check Medical Card)
Go Maybank – check Zing Card
Go swimming

Wednesday 14/10
Bank in money – ASB
Check Exchange Rate – Change for a min RM2.98 to AUD$1
Go raya rumah Cik Ton and Unty Mazilah

Thursday 15/10
Go tailor with Aisyah – make baju kurung for Hilmee's wedding
Dinner with Aisyah

Friday 16/10
Mama, Abah, Mumu, Huhus back in Shah Alam
Fancy dinner with family

Saturday 17/10
Outing with adik2
Watch movie – Papadom
Fancy lunch with adik2

Sunday 18/10
Brunch @ home
Send family to airport :(
Belanja everibadi Theobroma in LCCT :)

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