Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Photos

I have this thing against ugly family potraits. Big time! Looking at a family photo of jom-beli-kain-segulung-kat-Kamdar-dan-buat-baju-untuk-semua-orang-serta-sofa-dan-langsir-kite-juge yang bermuka ketat, sumpah tak reti senyum, with symmetrical arrangements of big brother, mom, dad, second brother, and two sisters at the front - is sickening, it feels like laxatives that makes me go for poo-poo.

Please stop all this crap on family unity. United, close-knitted family does not requires you to wear clothes off the same knits. Buruk kau tau tak? Burukkkkkkkk!!!

And those smiles. Please. Please. Pleaseeee. We are not doing advertising for constipation medicine. Please smile like u mean it. Show some teeth mom and dad. And abang, u are not hired to guard off dad's house or to kick some asshole who tried to court your sisters. Show some cheers dude, it feels like i can see u holding an invisible armour an a machine-gun perhaps.

Sis, could you just for 2 secs imagine Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake, or even Fahrin Ahmad is waving at you? You smile turns my heart into metal. Nothing near melting-my-heart-like-some-cheese-fondue. Ur smiling as if ur seeing Mr. Os and Peter Halier winking at your pretty face.

Also, your camera does not need to be planted on the floor, 180 degrees from your face, attached to non-moving stick. You know why? Because when we look at the photos one after another, it looks super-imposed, as if you use the same background and koyak-dan-tampal muka semua org dan lekatkan di atas background tersebut. Tidak cool sama sekali.

Please ditch those "clusters" family photo too. U know, the one with EVERYBODY cramped into one photo, and all families that bought the kain-sepapan each would cluster at one spot? So you can see all the Blues on the right is Pak Long's family, the Reds in the middle are Pak Ngah's, and Green at the back are Pak Lang's. And still everyone put on their constipated face. Not cool either. Not cool at all.

Wanting to put some photos, tapi tak sampai hati.

I guess its just the raya season thing im seeing a lot of family photos. Its the same feeling when its graduation season - for looking at graduation photos with rak buku palsu. Just worst. Please refer to this.

Ok peeps, ibu bapa dah memanggil2 untuk keluar membeli barang perkahwinan abang tersayang. SiGemukYangCantik needs to pen off.

Laterrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D :D :D

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