Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Raya kan sebulan...

Syawal weekends are tiring. And filling. And fattening. Especially when we're in Malaysia tanah airku yang tercinta. That includes Friday nite at Bukit Jalil National Stadium watching Verdasco and Gasquet on Malaysian Open quarter final. Takleh random lagi ke?

Saturday was a day of full tank of petrol. A day of sesat jalan the whole freaking day. I've lost my bearing. BIG TIME. I felt numb. Senseless. But yet, I'm glad I went out. Shi's wedding at Putrajaya was all an unplanned reunion. I met all these random people that once was part of my life.
  • Aisyah, Hasreena from MRSM Kuala Berang
  • Azwa, Syazana, from MRSM Kuantan
  • Amalina, Fatin from SMART
  • Anis, Meera, Ain from Assunta
Owh, and SHI. The bride. My classmate in Assunta back in 1998. Kawan main basikal petang2 kat kuantan, pegi Jabatan Pendidikan (wat the....?!), berenti kat gerai makcik beli pisang goreng yg amat lazat, dan pegi kedai runcit Sri Pelindong beli air pepsi. OMG it has been 11 freaking long years. We're all grown up (well, I was big when I was small. So really, I shrunk). Shi's a complete person with her other half now.

I don't understand how people get married, it looks funny. Watever.

Anyway, Sunday wasn't any less tiring. Off to Bukit Jelutong after Zuhur to Aisyah's place. Another reunion taken place. Perth peeps this time. Miza came with baby Ayden, Zarina is having 3rd baby, and Farah as clumsy as she was ever be. And Aisyah's getting engaged :D Just me now, happily single and rich. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!

Gerak to Aimie's after Asar. This time its cousins reunion. 4 cousins that was studying Accounting all from different part of Australia. SexyHippo from Perth, Aimie from Melbourne, Boy from Brisbane, and Azzam from Tasmania. See, we are all evenly distributed all over Australia. Hehheheh.. And Boy's getting married. Finally! To his long time girlfriend of 8 years, Nisa. And as good as they planned, he's wedding will be on the same day of my brother's; just that Boy's gonna be in Brunei and Hilmee's gonna be in KL. So, makcik2 sila la plan sape nak pegi mane ye.

Had coffee with abang botak at Ali Cafe. I bet org2 kat Kelana Mall dah muntah darah tgk muke I, hari2 lepak situ, kalau tak Old Town, mesti Papa Rich, tak pon Ali Cafe. LIFE'S WONDERFUL :D

Am back in KB now!!

Meera. the once tomboy-ish, short girl is now a girly slightly-taller young lady :)

L-R, Meera, Ain Hanida, Amalina, Fatin, Anis. Back: SexiestHippo

Photo credit to Anis Adilah.

p/s: Everibadi says i cantek. And i believed them. Why wouldn't i?

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