Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wanita Hari Ini

For walking purposes, please wear apropriate footwear. Also, please plan your journey ahead. Rokeby Road is freaking long, and no, its not 5 minutes away from the bus stop.

Next time, please make your reservation first. Witch's Cauldron (in Subiaco) is a super awesome place. It was full. Really. We were just lucky.

45mins was worth the wait.

Vegetarian Full Breakfast babeh.

Scramble eggs on toast, Grilled Mushroom, Baked Beans, Asparagus, Potato Cake, Grilled Tomato, extra Smoked Salmon. Awesome of the awesome-ness.

Macadamia buttermilk pancake with maple syrup, cream, and strawberries :)

Nisha's super cool orange aviator and wildflowers for Anand **Namaste unty**

Sexyhippo and her new purple sunnies

I want one of those.

N: Nisha, tell me. How many people on earth have u met in this world that is overly-excited over unemployment?
Ni: ONE. Just one.
N: So its just us. 2 unemployed bitch having breakfast in Subi.
Ni: Yes.

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