Thursday, September 24, 2009


To all the losers out there, please, stop reading up all the articles and writings on how to know when a man/woman likes you, or when a guy/girl had enough of u, or how to know when he/she started to get bored, or what are the hints and body language when one like/dislike you.

You know. And i know u know. These are all rubbish. Please stop being in denial. The only way to know the answer to all those stupid questions is a stupid simple short question. A close ended, yes or no.

And no, if he/she is calling you every freaking day, that wouldnt mean he/she likes you, neither will it meant he/she dislikes you.

And no, if he/she is not calling you Baby or text you 1,849 times a day will not mean he/she is not into you, neither will it meant he/she is in fact chasing you.

Bottom line, ask. Every individuals has a unique way of expressing themselves. Some are verbal, some are not. Some are physical, some are not. Some are full of emotions, some are secretive.

Again, please stop taking all these stupid articles in those women magazines seriously. Just freaking ask, loser.

Ok, dah ngantuk. Nite.

p/s: Was just reading Cleo and Cosmo. Menyampah plak tgk mende2 article dan soalan2 bodoh yg reader hantar. Get a life, bitch! Go watch Beyonce, or climb K2 or dive in Great Barrier Reef or donate blood. Watever.

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