Monday, September 7, 2009


So, i bought a flower for myself. A red banksia to be exact. I'm no pathetic. I liked it so i bought it. Wat's a big fuss? Why should i wait for prince-charming-riding-on-a-white-horse-with-golden-cape to come and bring some eternally-bloomed-immortal-shiny-blood-red-roses?

You are pathetic. All you do is sitting, waiting, wishing (hey, aku minat Jack Johnson, suke hati la~!) for this prince charming to come, and its clearly uncertain. Even if he is going to turn up at your door, how would you know he's a decent looking guy? Can you assure me that he's gonna ride on big strong horse? Are you certain he's gonna bring you the cream of the crop? You're sure enough he's coming for you not your sister? Hell you dont.

I ain't gonna wait till it rains on a hot summer day so i can see the rainbow. I'll draw one if i have to.

If you think flowers would cheer up your day, buy one for yourself, bitch.

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