Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have extraordinarily short-lived-focus. So does my passion and attention. In a normal term, i get bored very easily. When i said very easily, i meant, VERRRRYYYY. So please do not intensify the boredom i already had planted in me.

Ok, tukar topic (ceiss, suke hati je tukar topic). Went to Harbour Town with Dilla today. Wanting to buy sneakers (sila jangan berpura2 takde kasut plis). Meet up Faiz Brobob there. Pasrah je teman 2 perempuan cari kasut.

Since they dont have fancy Keds anymore, i ended up with All Star Light sneakers. Purple ones. Hehehe. Welcome your new brother, all my Keds - Yellow Camel, Blue Owl, Green Koala, Beige/Red Cherries, and Black Stripy.

Comels kan? Size 9 plis. Kalau agak2 boat mati tgh laut boleh la buat paddle.

Check out the price. $89.99, down to $59.99, and a further 20% discount. Being a good accountant, i can tell u its $47.99.

Sila jeles. Chucks for $47.99.

Ok, si cantik nak tido dah. Nite.

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