Monday, September 20, 2010

Hu Ha

I find Malaysian society to be super sensitive. And to be sorry, all the sensitivity are not being utilized at the right situation, on the right person, neither it is on the right time.

Back in the early 90's or late 80's (not too sure bout the timeline, correct me if im wrong), the whole rockband of Wings was publicly getting a haircut by a government minister, cause they said the image of a rockband - those torn tshirt and super skinny jeans and long hair, has bad impact on the society. Seriously. Takkan rockers nak pakai tuxedo rambut gel penuh, belah tepi. Kecoh. 

In late 90's, remember Gil? The cousin of boyband Moffats? He looks pretty much like Rody from Kristal. Muka jambu with long sliky straight hair. Government made him wore a cap/beret to cover his long hair when he did a tour to Malaysia. Reason being, the long hair image is not a good reflection of a decent Malay culture. Kamon la babeh, lagu dia jiwang, stok jiwa2 boleh kawan ngan Dafi AF kot. Again. Kecoh. 

Recently, i was just reading Fynn Jamal's blog. People was criticizing one of her song. Saying the lyrics could lead to unwedded sex and baby dumping. I went to listen to that song. And i remember saying to myself "Really?". Doesnt sound out-of-ordinary, doesnt sound unethical at all. Its just a simple song with simple lyrics. Kecoh.

Oh, talking bout songs. Malaysian society again, dengan bersungguh-sungguh, analyse (as detail as anything could get) few stupid songs and link it to Jewish/Illuminati/Satan. Like really. They watch every milisecond of the video and check every single word of the lyrics. One that i could remember was "Asareje" by Las Ketchup. Cam bodoh sgt je lagu tu. Kecoh. 


One that makes me wonder. 

Like OMG penat nye aku pikir. 



Arthurs Day is allowed in Malaysia? Bangga gila plak tu. Satu page penuh iklan dia. Nak kata penyanyi Malaysia tak participate, ade je. Nak kata it will be a clean concert? Huh, dalam mimpi pon tak lepas dude. 

Orang buat ceramah kena tahan ISA, orang sambut Guiness Arthur's day takpe pulak. Nak promote Malaysia di mata dunia katanya. Baru global. Baru terkenal. 

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