Tuesday, September 28, 2010


.... NOT~!

Of all things I am, one that im sure im not is a fashionista.

I just can't.

Some people have issues where their inferiority gets over them and.......
     "Owh I'm not pretty enough to wear those dress"
     "Owh my legs are not long enough for the skinny jeans"
     "Owh I have huge bottom and my chest are too small for the super nice kebaya"
     "Owh I'm too chesty for the nice fancy t-shirt"

As for me, I never think I'm too big to get dress up. Neither do I think I'm too short or too rounded or too wide or anything T_________T

But my problem is. Everytime I wear pretty dress, or pretty top, or pretty skirt, or pretty whatever.. I looked in the mirror and say "I look too nice and I can't go shopping/uni/lunch/dinner like this. This is overdressed."


How could anyone ever have that thought.

Same goes to fancy scarves. Of which I means tudung/selendang. Not those neck scarves and mufflers. Ko ingat malaysia ade salji ke? And I wonder where mat rempit came from. They always in jumper, jacket, snow cap, and yes, muffler sometimes @___@

I saw all nice shawls everywhere - shops, kiosks, markets, and even blogshops.They are just too nice I can't put them on. Hehehehe. And the way they are worn nowadays, again, too nice too pretty. And very complex too. Complexity level is ..... kalau tibe2 rambut terkeluar sikit pastu nak betulkan tudung, kena cari toilet dan suruh kawan/boifren/suami pegi makan dulu, baru siap. Atau kalau nak pegi solat kat shopping mall, dan nak amek wudhu' yg kena bukak tudung pasal tudung mahal takleh kena air, boleh la suruh kawan/boifren/suami baca wirid panjang2 atau solat sunat tasbih dulu.

Heres easy one I found while blog-hopping...Cara Pakai Shawl. Nak browse baju mengandung sebenarnye. Offroad skit T____T

Still. If I can't put on a tudung/shawl in a car without looking at the mirror, that's not simple enough.


I'm just not a fashionista, never will be.

And that's fine. Teeeeheeeeee (^________^)\/

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