Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can't Help It

Can't help it. My hands are itchy that I need to write this. 

Politics has never been a dinner conversation to most people, worldwide. 

Not many enjoy sharing words on this topic. Which is fine. 

An issue that I observed in this country, one like to talk about the other, humiliate the other, yet one is not ready to be talked about and be humiliated. Be it the the opposition or the government. 

I've resided in Australia for a bit. I've seen their politics, I've experience election in a country foreign to me. Labor party openly condemn the Liberal as much as the Liberals condemn the Labor. Everyone gets equal parts of the pie; or maybe spoiled pie. 

Here in my very much loved country, the Govt. condemned the Opp. openly, but they can't bear being belittled. The Opp. criticised the Govt. as much, and they too can't be condemned. 

Come on people, if you think you are right, tell people your good rather than pointing at other's bad. 

And IF you really need to "shoot" people, get your armour ready to get a bullet pointed at you as much ammo you used to fire them. 

You like classic steak pie. Fine. But you have no right whatsoever to say those who favor sweet pumpkin mascarporne pie are wrong. People have their own stand, a ground of which a decision was made. You like savoury, they like desserts. So what? Just seat together, have dinner, chill out, and order what you want. You don't have to pick on their pies. They eat theirs, you eat yours. And have a fine dinner together. 

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