Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Art of Insult

Malays, by far has the worst skill at insulting people. So I've seen.

They should know stating the obvious wouldn't count as an insult.

As bad they are at insulting, they are no better at being insulted.

With any situation happening around us, instead of focusing on the core subject, Malays tend to focus on the "obvious". Calling people Cina, Keling, Melayu, Jawa, gemuk, pendek, kurus, rambut maggi, botak, hitam, hidung kembang, telinga satelit - these shouldn't; in any way be used to insult neither they are to feel insulted.

So why oh why -

  • When a blogger wrote a controversial piece they called him/her "gemuk" rather than "bodoh". 
  • When a celebrity got caught on a "bad" video  "Melayu Jawa" rather than "slutty". 
  • When someone cause an accident they call him/her "Cina" rather than "careless" 
  • When a person lied they are called "Keling" rather than "bullshit" 

Doesn't make sense.

And so no one should feel insulted when called by the physical attributes. Kau gemuk. And? Kau kurus. And? Kau hitam. And? Kau pendek. And? See, stating the obvious is by far the silliest way of insult.

So please. To insult one needs art.

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