Monday, January 17, 2011

I hope its not too late... wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011~!! 

Been wanting to post something here since forever. But iv been really busy lately... with... hmmm... stuffs.. Hishhhh, nampak sangat nak tipu. 

I have a lot in mind to write, but when id actually logged in to Blogger and attempted to write, the mood's just gone. Writing is not my thing anymore. (As if it was EVER my thing. Teeeeheeeee :p ) 

Lets start with the easy thing. 

New year celebration :) 

New year's eve was just lazying around with hubby, watching TV. Thought of watching countdown on TV but we both made our journey to lalaland as soon as the fireworks went off. Such an old couple aiye.. 

We started the year 2011 visiting my grandparents who came all the way from Alor Star. We then rushed to KL General Hospital to see little cousin who's one weeks old, still warded due to some complications. As always, grandpa had a glimpse of baby Ashraff and "Ok la, dah tengok, jom kita balik". Hehehhehehe. 

Short meet up. Everyone took different directions afterwards. 

Since we were in KL already, as always, its "dating day". Hik hik hik. 

Thinking the mall's gonna be empty, as everyone's still making up sleep for the late night celebration the day before, we headed to One Utama. Boy we were sooooooooo wrong. It was busy as always. Probably busier. Theres a hell of a crowd in The Curve too. Determined to proceed with the "date", we took a turn and went to the not-so-posh mall, Tropicana City. That place is never busy i guess.. Good enough for us :) 

This is when things get excited! No dirty thinking please. 

I had so much new year's gift! Weeeeeeeeeeeehoooooooooooo~!! 

Went into a camera shop, thinking of just showing hubby the camera I wanted to buy, to replace my DSLR I sold two months back. Least that I know they had a promotion that day. A lot cheaper price then other places I've been. So yeah.... I GOT MYSELF SONY NEX-5 y'all~!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, while thinking whether or not I should get the camera, we went coffee-date at Starbucks :) Of which, I had the last stamp on the starbucks card and yeah, I GOT THE STARBUCKS PLANNER! Not that exciting I know, but I was excited anywaysssssss. Hehehehe. Gave the planner to hubby since I havent been using a planner the moment I was unemployed. 

With the purchase of camera, they gave a free 25-pages printed photo album. Lucky I had my micro-mini USB thumbdrive everywhere, we had our honeymoon photos printed. Weeeeeeeehoooooooooooooo~!!! 

Hubby got himself a new shorts for working out. Glad he found one. A lil expensive but its not easy finding a size for american-built here in Malaysia. To actually scored one was a bliss. YEAY!

So yeah, new year was good :) 

p/s: Lil boy's coming in less than a month. YEAY! New toy to play with :D

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