Monday, March 8, 2010

Working Woman

Last day at office was September 30th 2009. Have been bergembira menghabiskan duit eversince. Man it has been a lil over 5 months. I’d underestimate myself. I thought I would have 2 months of pure nothingness and I’ll be bored to death. I gave myself 3 months max to just sit and do nothing. Boy I was wrong. I’m still enjoying myself.

My short term cash is running out yeah. Tipu la kalau tak, kan. Ingat duit aku macam air Coke kat Subway? Refillable? But hey, what the hell. I care no more. I wanna do what I wanna do. Currently, I wanna do nothing. And its pure fun. Nanti duit abis I keje ogeh? Hik hik.

There’s one thing I miss tho. No, not those accounts. Hell no. Balance sheet, profit&loss statement, trial balance, tax returns – these makes me sick *puke*. I miss wearing shirt and work pants and high heels. I miss looking like a working woman. People thought I’m a college student everywhere I go. Mmg la, dah ko lepak tgh2 hari buta, mane ade org keje kuar mase office hour ngok! Oh well, I think I look good in office attire.

Owh, theres another thing too. I miss looking at my bank account decreasing and increasing every month. A nice pattern to look at. Now it has been downhill eversince October. Asyik kurang je. Tak tambah2 pon.

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